Did Gilas Pilipinas Qualify for Olympics 2024?

For those unfamiliar with the world of basketball, Gilas Pilipinas is not a country; it’s the national basketball team of the Philippines. The recent FIBA World Cup held significant implications for many basketball teams worldwide, as it determined their eligibility for the upcoming Olympics Qualifying Tournament (OQT) in 2024. In this article, we will delve into the question of whether Gilas Pilipinas qualified for the Olympics in 2024, providing an in-depth analysis of their journey.

Did Gilas Pilipinas Qualify for Olympics 2024?

The answer to this question is a blend of both yes and no. Gilas Pilipinas did secure a place in the 2024 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament, signifying their opportunity to compete for a spot in the Olympics. However, they fell short of achieving direct qualification berths to the Games.

The journey to securing their spot in the OQT was marked by ups and downs, with one pivotal win against a formidable opponent. FIBA, the international governing body for basketball, released rankings following the classification round of the FIBA World Cup, and Gilas Pilipinas found themselves in 24th place with a win-loss record of 1-4. This placement, somewhat surprisingly, proved enough to qualify them for the OQT. The catalyst for their qualification was a resounding 96-75 victory over their longtime rivals, China.

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Did Gilas Pilipinas Qualify for Olympics 2024?
Did Gilas Pilipinas Qualify for Olympics 2024?

FIBA’s rankings placed Gilas Pilipinas in the fourth and final tier for the OQT, known as the “16 following next best-ranked teams” category. This category includes the next best 16-placed teams in the World Cup that have not secured direct berths to the Olympics.

More insight into the rankings reveals that the Philippines finished 13th among the teams that did not secure direct qualification to the 2024 Olympics. This ranking earned Gilas Pilipinas another chance to vie for a spot in the Paris Olympics through the OQT.

While the path to the Olympics Qualifying Tournament appears promising, the competition ahead will be far from easy. Gilas Pilipinas will face formidable teams from different continents, including Europe, Africa, and the Americas, in their quest for an Olympic berth. The battles will be fierce, and the stakes high as each team vies for their spot on the Olympic stage.

It’s worth noting that the 24th-place finish in the FIBA World Cup was a marked improvement from their 2019 campaign when Gilas Pilipinas finished at the bottom of the rankings in the first tournament featuring an expanded field of 32 teams.


In summary, while Gilas Pilipinas didn’t secure direct qualification to the Olympics in 2024, their qualification for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament presents an opportunity to compete for an elusive Olympic berth. Their performance in the FIBA World Cup, especially their victory against China, played a pivotal role in securing this chance. The journey ahead promises to be challenging, but for Gilas Pilipinas and their dedicated fans, the dream of competing on the grand Olympic stage remains very much alive.

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