When will the Olympics 2024 Ticket resale platform Open?

The Olympics 2024 is just a few months away, and preparations for the grand sporting event in Paris are in full swing. While the organizers and fans alike are gearing up for this momentous occasion, there are those who, for various reasons, may find themselves unable to attend. For these individuals, the option of reselling their tickets becomes not just practical but also an opportunity to share the Olympic spirit with fellow enthusiasts.

When will the Olympics 2024 Ticket resale platform Open?

One key question on the minds of many is: “When will the Olympics 2024 ticket resale platform open?” The official resale platform for the Paris 2024 Games is set to open its virtual doors in the spring of 2024. This platform is the sole authorized channel for ticket holders from around the world who wish to resell their tickets.

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When will the Olympics 2024 Ticket resale platform Open?
When will the Olympics 2024 Ticket resale platform Open?

Why Resell Your Olympic Tickets?

Reselling Olympic tickets offers several advantages to both ticket owners and potential buyers. Here are some compelling reasons why you might consider reselling your tickets:

  1. Ensure Tickets Reach True Fans: By reselling through the official platform, you can ensure that your tickets find their way into the hands of genuine Olympic enthusiasts who may have missed out on the initial ticket lottery.
  2. Safe and Secure Process: The official resale platform provides a systematic and secure way to transfer your tickets. This helps in maintaining the integrity of the ticketing process.
  3. Get a Refund: Depending on the resale terms and conditions, you may be eligible for a refund if your tickets are successfully resold. This can be a financial relief for those who initially invested in Olympic tickets.

How Does the Resale Process Work?

The process of reselling your Olympic tickets through the official platform is relatively straightforward:

  1. Access the Official Resale Platform: When the platform opens in the spring of 2024, ticket holders can access it online.
  2. List Your Tickets: Create a listing for the tickets you wish to resell. You’ll provide details about the event, seat location, and pricing.
  3. Wait for a Buyer: Once your tickets are listed, interested buyers will have the opportunity to purchase them. The platform handles the transaction securely.
  4. Transfer Tickets: If your tickets are sold, they will be transferred to the buyer electronically, and you’ll receive confirmation of the successful transaction.
  5. Refund (if applicable): Depending on the resale policy, you may receive a refund for the face value of the tickets minus any fees.


As the countdown to the Olympics 2024 in Paris continues, the official resale platform opening in spring 2024 offers a lifeline to ticket holders who find themselves unable to attend the event. This platform not only ensures that tickets reach genuine fans but also provides a safe and secure process for ticket transfers. Whether you’re looking to share the Olympic experience or recover some of your investment, ticket resale through the official platform is the way to go.

So, if you’ve got tickets for the Olympics 2024 but circumstances prevent you from being there in person, rest assured that the official resale platform will soon be available to help you pass the torch of excitement to another eager fan.

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