Are Paris Olympics 2024 Tickets Cheaper than London Olympics 2012? (Know the Fact)

Paris vs London Olympics Ticket Prices
Paris vs London Olympics Ticket Prices

As anticipation builds for the Paris Olympics 2024, discussions surrounding ticket prices have taken center stage. The recent remarks from Sebastian Coe, the president of World Athletics and former head of the London 2012 organizing committee, have sparked a debate on whether the tickets for Paris 2024 are indeed more expensive than their London 2012 counterparts. In this article, we delve into the details of this debate, examining the arguments presented by both sides and ultimately uncovering the truth behind the comparison.

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London vs Paris Ticket Prices: How did the debate begin?

Sebastian Coe, a prominent figure in the world of athletics and intimately involved in the organization of the London 2012 Olympics, expressed concerns about the potential exclusion of genuine fans due to high ticket prices for the athletics finals at the Stade de France. Coe warned that exorbitant prices, reaching €990 for Category First seats, could result in empty seats and a less inclusive atmosphere at the much-anticipated event.

In response, Tony Estanguet, president of the Paris 2024 organizing committee, defended the pricing strategy by emphasizing the necessity of generating revenue through ticket sales. Estanguet pointed out that a significant portion of the budget, a third to be precise, relies on ticket sales. He asserted that while athletics finals start at €85, there are also higher-priced options at €980. Moreover, Estanguet drew comparisons to the London 2012 Games, suggesting that, when adjusted for inflation, Paris 2024 ticket prices are relatively lower.

Are Paris 2024 Tickets Truly Cheaper? (Know the Fact):

Let’s dive into the numbers to uncover the reality of the ticket price comparison between the Paris Olympics 2024 and the London Olympics 2012. According to Estanguet, the London 2012 ticket prices reached a maximum of £725. Adjusting for inflation, this translates to just over €1,000 today. In contrast, Paris 2024 offers Category First seats at €990, slightly below the adjusted inflation figure for London 2012.

However, Estanguet also highlights that lower-priced tickets for Paris 2024 start at €85, offering a more affordable entry point for spectators. It is crucial to consider the range of prices available, from the most expensive to the more budget-friendly options, to understand the accessibility goals set by the Paris 2024 organizing committee.


While the debate on Paris 2024 ticket prices continues, a nuanced analysis suggests that the comparison with London 2012 is not straightforward. The inflation-adjusted figures reveal a competitive landscape, with Paris 2024 offering a mix of higher and lower-priced tickets to cater to a diverse audience. As the countdown to the Olympics progresses, understanding the context behind the ticket prices becomes essential for fans and organizers alike. The quest for an inclusive and memorable event requires striking a delicate balance between generating revenue and ensuring accessibility for all.

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