Why Multi-Gold Medalist Sun Yang Will Not Be Part of the Olympics 2024?

Sun Yang
Sun Yang

Sun Yang, a great swimmer from China, has won lots of gold medals and is famous for being amazing in the pool. He became known around the world in the 2012 London Olympics, winning gold in two events and also getting silver and bronze medals. Sun kept being awesome in the 2016 Rio Olympics, winning another gold and a silver medal. He has a total of six Olympic medals and has won 11 world championships – he’s one of the best swimmers ever!

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Why Multi-Gold Medalist Sun Yang Will Not Be Part of the Olympics 2024?

Despite his stellar achievements, Sun Yang faces the disappointment of missing the 2024 Paris Olympics. The Chinese Swimming Federation, responsible for setting the qualification criteria, has confirmed that the decorated swimmer will not be eligible for the upcoming Games. The primary factor contributing to this exclusion is the four-year suspension Sun Yang is currently serving, set to conclude in May 2024.

Sun Yang’s suspension stems from a doping violation that occurred during a 2018 doping test, where he reportedly smashed vials of blood. The World Anti-Doping Agency initially imposed an eight-year ban, but Sun successfully appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, leading to a reduction in the suspension. However, the timing of the ban’s conclusion aligns with the critical phase of Olympic qualification, rendering Sun Yang ineligible to participate in the process.

When Are Chinese Swimming Qualifications Scheduled?

The Chinese Swimming Federation has outlined stringent qualification criteria for the 2024 Paris Olympics, incorporating specific competitions to determine the participants. Swimmers will be evaluated based on their fastest times achieved at the Fukuoka and Doha World Championships Finals and the Chinese Nationals scheduled for April 2024.

The selection process mandates that the top two swimmers from each Olympic event will be chosen, provided they meet or surpass the World Aquatics Olympic Qualification Times (OQT). If no swimmer achieves an A cut in a particular event, consideration will be given to those with a B cut, but with the stipulation that they were born after January 1, 2006.

Crucially, the criteria specify that athletes who have been banned for more than one year due to doping violations will be disqualified from selection. This provision directly impacts Sun Yang, preventing his participation in the national championships, historically held in May, and subsequently rendering him ineligible for the Olympics.

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