Has Cricket Ever Been Played in the Olympics?

Has Cricket Ever Been Played in Olympics?
Has Cricket Ever Been Played in the Olympics?

The breaking news for the Olympics was that there were reports that the Olympics 2028 will include cricket along with squash, lacrosse, baseball/softball, and flag football. Even though the final call will be taken by the IOC, there are reports that Cricket will be part of the 2028 LA Olympics. Since the news break, there have been various questions around the topic. So today, we are going to discuss if Cricket has ever played in the Olympics before.

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Has Cricket Ever Been Played in the Olympics?

Cricket has been part of the Summer Games only once before, in Paris 1900. However, since that historical appearance, the sport has yet to make a return to the Olympic stage. With recent talks of cricket’s possible inclusion in the 2028 Olympics, fans and enthusiasts eagerly await the final decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which is expected in 2024.

How Cricket at the Paris 1900 Olympics Happened?

The inclusion of cricket in the Olympics had been in discussion even before the inaugural Athens Games in 1896. However, it failed to gather the necessary participation and was eventually scrapped for the Athens Games. It wasn’t until the Paris 1900 Olympics that cricket made its debut in the global sporting event.

In 1900, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium were slated to take the cricket field. However, the latter two nations, Belgium and the Netherlands withdrew from participation after their bids to co-host the Games didn’t materialize. This left a historic cricket match to be played at the Vélodrome de Vincennes, a cycling venue, on August 19 and 20, 1900. The match was contested between Great Britain, often referred to as England in the flyers at the time, and France, ultimately making it the only cricket match ever played in the Olympics.

What is the Process for a New Sport to Be Included in the Olympics?

The inclusion of a new sport in the Olympic Games follows a specific process:

  • Recognition by the IOC: Firstly, a sport must be recognized by the International Olympic Committee and governed by an international federation. This federation commits to adhering to the rules and principles outlined in the Olympic Charter.
  • Global Popularity: The sport must be widely practiced across the world and meet various criteria, including the existence of both men’s and women’s competitions.
  • Recommendation and Approval: The IOC’s Executive Board may recommend that a recognized sport be added to the Games program if approved by the IOC Session, which is composed of IOC members. The final decision lies with the IOC Session.

Cricket’s Prospects for the Olympics

Cricket, a sport immensely popular in countries like India, Pakistan, England, and Australia, has a large global following. According to ICC Chair Greg Barclay, a remarkable 92 percent of cricket’s billion-plus global fans hail from South Asia. The region also boasts five of the game’s 12 top-tier full members with Test-match playing status: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The remaining top-tier full members are Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the West Indies (a composite team from multiple Caribbean nations), and Zimbabwe.

With the anticipation of cricket’s inclusion in the 2028 Olympics, the sport’s governing bodies, along with cricket enthusiasts worldwide, are closely monitoring the process and eagerly awaiting the IOC’s final decision.

As we look to the future, the question of whether cricket will regain its place in the Olympics remains open. Whether it’s the Paris 1900 Olympics or the possibility of the 2028 Olympics, cricket’s sporadic appearances in the Games have left a legacy that continues to intrigue fans and sports historians alike.


Cricket’s presence in the Olympics has been a rare occurrence, with only one appearance in the Paris 1900 Games. As we wait for the verdict on cricket’s inclusion in the 2028 Olympics, the sport’s history in the Olympics serves as a reminder of the challenges and opportunities faced by sports seeking recognition on the world’s most prominent sporting stage. The future of cricket in the Olympics is uncertain, but one thing is sure: the sport’s dedicated fan base eagerly awaits the outcome, hoping to see their beloved game once again on the Olympic field.

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