LVMH’s Berluti to Design French Team Uniforms for Olympics Opening Ceremony 2024

Berluti to Design French Team Uniforms
Berluti to Design French Team Uniforms

PARIS, Nov 16 – In a dazzling collaboration between luxury powerhouse LVMH and its prestigious menswear label Berluti, the stage is set for a sartorial spectacle at the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Paris. Berluti, renowned for its immaculate craftsmanship and upscale offerings, will take center stage by crafting the opening ceremony uniforms for the French teams, elevating the brand’s profile on the global stage.

“We aim to marry elegance and performance,” stated Antoine Arnault, the CEO of Berluti and scion of LVMH’s Chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault. Arnault played a pivotal role in securing LVMH’s impressive 150 million euros ($166 million) Olympics sponsorship deal, announced in July, underscoring the conglomerate’s commitment to the world-class event.

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As anticipation builds for the summer Olympics starting on July 26, followed by the Paralympics on August 28, the choice of Berluti to design the French team’s opening ceremony attire adds a touch of luxury to the high-profile sporting event. Paris, a historic host of two previous Olympics, is set to welcome the Games after a century, promising a spectacle that is expected to captivate millions of spectators worldwide.

LVMH’s sponsorship extends beyond Berluti, encompassing other illustrious fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior, as well as Moet Hennessy champagne and spirits labels, and the esteemed jeweler Chaumet. The latter will contribute its design prowess to create the medals that will adorn the triumphant athletes.

In addition to these contributions, LVMH is making its mark in the realm of sportsmanship by sponsoring key athletes for the 2024 Games. Notable names include French swimmer Leon Marchand, gymnast Melanie de Jesus dos Santos, fencer Enzo Lefort, and wheelchair tennis player Pauline Deroulede. The beauty retailer Sephora, a proud member of the LVMH group, is set to shine as it sponsors the Olympic torch relay, further cementing the conglomerate’s multifaceted support for the global sporting event.

As the world eagerly anticipates the grandeur of the 2024 Olympics, the collaboration between LVMH and Berluti promises to showcase the perfect blend of sophistication and athleticism, symbolizing the pinnacle of haute couture on the grandest sporting stage. The unveiling of the French team’s uniforms is poised to be a momentous occasion, merging the worlds of high fashion and sportsmanship in an unprecedented display of elegance.

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